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Having Your Commercial Property Inspected

July 14, 2012 Roger Frost 0

The Commercial Property Inspector is a qualified Building Code inspector. He is a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association and is fully qualified on Large Buildings and Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code. An unknowing inspector may lead you to believe your property is code compliant when you could in fact be faced with spending thousands or tens of thousands in required building code upgrades.

Why You Need a Home Inspection

April 24, 2012 Roger Frost 0

A home inspection is an objective visual analysis of a home’s structure and systems. An inspection will determine the areas of a home that are not performing properly, as well as items that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. Inspections include areas of the home’s interior and exterior, from the roof to the foundation and the exterior drainage and retaining walls.

The House as a System

February 17, 2012 Roger Frost 0

A house is a system of interdependent parts which means that the operation of one part will affect the other. When one of the house parts is not functioning properly it will affect the other parts.

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Smoke Detectors Save Lifes

January 13, 2012 Inspector 0

Originally posted 2010-01-14 12:42:45. Working smoke alarms save lives. Don’t be foolish enough to think a barking dog will awaken you or that you will […]