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Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Garden

December 18, 2011 Inspector 0

Anyone with a lovely garden, patio or deck will surely enjoy sitting outside on a bright summer’s day or evening. But if there is one thing that can spoil it for you, it is mosquitoes. Sometimes, it only takes one of two persistent mosquitoes to make your blood boil. Mosquitoes are a nuisance for sure, but they can also be a health hazard, speading dengue fever and malaria and several other really nasty diseases. So how do you go about keeping mosquitoes out of your garden?

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Stone Patios, Wooden Decks And Accessories

September 7, 2011 Inspector 0

Would it not be lovely, at the end of a hard day’s work or on your day off, to relax outside on your patio deck? It is a dream that many people have. But it does not have to be only a dream.You could be really doing it within a few of weeks. You can either make the deck or patio yourself, if you are useful with your hands or you can get someone in.

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Security Bars: Good Or Bad?

August 24, 2011 Inspector 0

There are many things that families and businesses perform in order to secure their property. One measure that is often taken in the name of security is the adding of security bars to doors and windows. Despite the inherent benefits of securing property, these bars often present risks of endangering the people inside.

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Patio Garden Furniture

August 21, 2011 Inspector 0

If you have a lovely patio or deck or a beautiful garden, then you have to have good patio furniture in order to enjoy it. There is no finer end to a busy day than sitting outside on the patio with a drink and a newspaper or a book. I like to sit in the garden after the sun has waned a little, but before the mosquitoes come out for a few hours reading a book.

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Stamping Concrete Could Enrich The Look And Feel Of Your House

February 24, 2011 Inspector 0

Stamping concrete can be a fantastic method for you to be able to imitate the appearance and feel of authentic rock, brick, or even pavement while not having to pay out as much. There are rubberized designs which create the particular impression of genuine stone for this purpose. There’s also ready-made styles for such materials like brick as well as cobblestone, even so, sometimes they can look manufactured. One particular method to avoid this can be to create your very own designs to be used in stamping concrete. When you can learn this you’ll soon find your stock filled with different patterns you can use for the various cement stamping tasks.