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To steer any leak water out of the system over the roof deck protection using Weather Watch or Typhoon Guard at plumbing vents or soil stacks. First install the Ice and water shield layer in an under and over placement as the residential vertical slope roofing is a water losing product not a water proofing product, Shingle-Mate or Deck Armor roof deck protection to inside six” of the roof vent pipe. The Weather Watch or Typhoon Guard should be totally stuck to the roof plywood, OSB, or planking and will be absolutely stuck to the succeeded courses of shingles to correctly expel the water to the roof below.

Take the picture you see online with a pinch of salt as they’re not correct to real world practices of the way a shingle should be installed with ice and water shield. With standard strip shingles you want to install a diapered shingle to stop water from entering the water groove or water eye.

Cut a 20″ minimum square piece of Weather Watch or Tempest Guard leak protection underlayment then place this piece over the centre of the pipe top. Cut an X from one edge of the pipe to the other, cutting this X marginally smaller than the pipe width will permit a full seal round the entire roof vent pipe.

Remove the split-back film and lower the Leak Barrier around the pipe, be sure to press the membrane firmly to seal it to the deck, to the roof deck protection, and up the roof vent pipes sides.

For sophisticated Installation System : to direct any water out over the roof shingles for laminated shingles only this strategy can’t be used with three-tab shingles, install Shingle-Mate or Deck Armor roof deck protection round the pipe.

Cut Weather-Watch or Typhoon Guard leak barrier twenty” minimum wide to enclose pipes, shingle up to the vent pipe, cutting the apex of the shingle round the pipe, firmly press Leak Barrier OTT half the shingle in front of the vent pipe then seal Leak Barrier to Shingle-Mate or Deck Armor roof deck protection and decking above the vent pipe, eventually cover roof deck protection and leak barrier with shingle set in plastic cement.

It is vital to have a Weather Stopper Golden Promise when installing a Weather Watch or a Typhoon Guard Leak Barrier around your houses plumbing vents. This is needed on all Weather Stopper Golden Pledge installations and also when installed or used on Weather Stopper System And Installations.

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