Electrical Bloopers and Your Home Inspection

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There are many electrical deficiencies that I regularly come across during home inspections. Commercial inspections are basically the same except they are more related to maintenance in most cases.  Home owners should pay attention to the condition of their electrical system prior to listing their home.  A Master Electrician will issue a certifcate for as little as $130.00 after inspecting your complete electrical system.

Some of the most common items found during home inspections are:

1. Missing outlet and switch covers.  Any opening around the receptable or cover shall be such that a rod 17/64 in diameter will not enter. Rule 26-700 (11)(b)

2. Panel board locations. They must be readily accessible and shall not be placed above counters or fixed applicances. Rule 26-402   One meter clearance in front. Rule 2-308

3. Un-supported wiring.  Cables do not have to be supported within 12 inches of stud passage ( 12 inches ) but are required to be supported every 1.5 m through out the run. Rule 12-510.

4.  Electrical cables on hot-air ducts. Cables are not permitted to run in areas where ambient temperatures exceed 30 deg C.   Hot water pipes and hot air ducts can exceed this temperature and usually installing fiberglass or like insulation to separate is adequate protection.   Rule 12-506.

5.  Electrical connections made outside of boxes.  Connections shall be made in box having separately bushed hole for each cable.  Also connector has to be installed.  Rule 12-506

6.  Steel studs and electrical cables.  When running lomex cable through metal studs a CSA insert must be used. No pipe or other products may be used.  Rule 12-516

7.  Receptacles exposed to weather.  Shall be provided with weatherproof covers. Rule 26-702

8.  Bathroom GFCI outlets. Must be 1 meter away from bathtubs and showers. At least one GFCI outlet must be located within 1 m (39 in) of one wash basin.  Rule 26-110

9.  Receptacles for walls.  Any finished wall, that extends past 450 mm from floor level, shall have outlets located every 1.8 m horizontally.  Rule 26-712

10.  Garage Outlets.  At least one duplex receptacle shall be provided for each car space in garage. Rule 26-714

11.  GFCI outlet protection.  GFCI outlets shoud trip at 3 to 5 ma range.  Outlets should be tested, power will still be provided to outlet even if GFCI is not functioning properly. They are required to be tested on monthly basis.  Rule 26-714

12.  Dryer and Stove boxes.  Must be secured from back or on two sides.  Rule 26-744

13.  Electric water heaters.  Shall be provided their own circuit.  Rule 26-750

14.  Protection of circuits.  All branch circuits within 1.5 m of floor shall be protected from mechanical injury.  Rule 26-802

These are some of the more common deficiencies that are commonly noted on home and commercial inspections. There are many more rules which are too numerous to cover in detail.  If you have any particlular questions please just send me an email and I will be happy to give you the applicable rule or consult with one of the many electricians I deal with for the  proper response.

CAVEAT EMPTOR – BUYER BEWARE     Remember to check for experience, length of time in business and always ask for references!

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