Help Your Central Air Conditioner Work More Efficiently

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A good central AC will typically run for about thirteen years before needing to be replaced, but the high cost of buying a new unit means you should do everything you can to keep your existing central air conditioner running for as long as possible.

You may want to test your air conditioner now while there’s still time to fix any potential problems. If something is wrong you still have time to get it repaired before summer. Before calling in the repair company, you could try to fix your ac yourself with some of these quick steps. If everything is working well then here are some things you can do to keep your central AC unit in good running order:

Keep It Clear: The big fan housing part of your air conditioner unit outside your house is called the condenser and it’s what actually cools a Freon liquid in the coils of your air conditioner. It’s important to keep the condenser clear and make sure there is nothing blocking the airflow. Things like grass, bushes and even kids toys can all damage an AC if left against the condenser.

Keep your AC Cool: The U.S. Department of Energy recommends putting trees or some sort of shade structure around your central AC unit so that it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the coils inside it. Putting your AC unit in the shade will reduce how hard it has to run and some estimates place the energy savings at nearly 10%! Some high-end and commercial AC units actually have sensors in them that can adjust to hotter temperatures.

Check your AC Often: Giving your AC a quarterly “check up” will really help keep it working. First, you’ll need to change your home air filter every three to six months. These filters can get blocked with air particles and cut back on the amount of cold air you’re getting in your home. A severely blocked filter can actually break an air conditioner unit and require it to be fixed.

By taking care of your AC unit all year long, it will take care of you during the hottest part of the year and you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Use common sense and take a few minutes here and there to make sure your AC is working well and you’re sure to have a cool and happy summer.

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