Insulation and its Maintainance

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Insulation is one of the most complete system in your house: winter or summer, you have cool or warm air as your wish. Learn the basics about insulation and its maintenance.

When you think of your house , you think to make more comfortable and friendly for you and all those who share your shelter.Actually, houses were created to shelter from extreme cold and heat, making insulation a fundamental factor in their design.

You know that insulation regulates your house temperature but may wonder how. Here you can learn the basic about thermic insulation and let’s begin with the mysterious factor R:

Insulation is measured by factor called R ( resistive factor referred to heat transfer): a higher R value derive in a more effective insulation work.

The work of insulation is fundamentally preventing the transfer of heat. There are three way of obtaining that goal, we can mentioned here: convection, radiation and conduction. All these ways are known to homeowner, at least in their rudiments: Convection When the hot air moves to cooler areas is called convection. Insulation Blocking air and preventing its movement Radiation The warm is radiate to a cooler surroundings

Advantages Of Insulation

The interesting point about insulation relies in that not heat is transferred but the quiet air does not produce heat, resulting in a environmental friendly and preventive method of regular your house temperature. Some method of insulation are very simple, like the rubber moulding around doors and windows.The rubber moulding around doors and even windows is the weather stripper method They need to be regularly replaced, it is cheap and easy. Remove the old strip and glue a new one.

Other Method Of Thermic Insulation

Foam: They are two kind, sheet foam and particle foam Sheet foam: insulating material that looks and feels like dried cotton, it is available generally in long rolls. The material is woven, containing multiple air pockets, those pocket function is retain air, and hence, provide insulation. The sheer foam strip can include a type of paper,or aluminum foil. You can cover surface with them, like the ceiling, but when installing it don’t walk over the ceiling, just over the junctures. Other popular kind of insulation can be found in small amount of substance, like small chunks. They are blown by a machine by you can replace some pieces easily. It is similar to fiberglass and affordable. Within walls you can find other elements that function like cellulose, glass fiberr, etc.

Installing particle foam is very simple. Purchase the quantity of bags needed to cover the surface to be insulated a few inches. To obtain more information on the product consult your local store. The main factor is to know in your climate, type of house, surface to be insulated, etc how many bags will do the work correctly.

When placing insulating material working in the attic, use latex gloves and walk always over the beams.

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