Maintenance Tips Of Roof From Winter Damage

As the winters approach nearer, homeowners suffer a massive headache. You may need to call a professional roofer in case your ceiling has turned to mush and your gutters are tearing away from the house. Follow the given steps that are helpful in protecting your home from the harsh winters. Your safety must top the list of important to- dos. If you are unable to reach the roof easily, do not try to go further.

The major cause behind the build up of ice and snow on the roof is warm attic. If your house lacks proper insulation and ventilation, it lets the heat vanish from the roof through the attic. It allows te snow on the roof to melt on a faster rate that gives rise to formation of ice on the roof. It may clog the gutters and damage the roof.

To clear the snow from your roof, it is good to invest in a snow rake. Whenever a heavy storm occurs, it is suggested to clear the roof. Start from the top of the roof and move downwards. Be careful not to damage the shingles.

Heavy ice build up on the roof is a real threat, as it may result in heavy gutters that get ripped away quite easily. Use a hammer to carefully chip away the ice, if you are also going through the same phase.

Pressure builds up because of frozen water in the pipes, which may result in bursting of pipes. Pipes most vulnerable to freezing are the ones that are present in outside walls, attics and crawl spaces. To reduce the problem of frozen pipes, follow the given tips.

To slow down the heat transfer rate, fit exposed pipes with insulation sleeves or wrapping. High amount of insulation is always better. If there are holes and cracks in the outside walls, it is advised to fasten them with caulking, as soon as possible.

For the water to drain off easily, keep the drains and downspouts clean. Debris like twigs, dirt and leaves act as a hurdle in proper drainage. So it is important to clear the roof off all such things. Also remove any tree branches that might be resting on your roof.

It is important to regularly inspect and maintain your roof, especially in winter season. This way, you will not have to face a leak or a costly roof repair.

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