Moving Blankets: An Essential Tool For A Successful Move

Picture this: You’ve just purchased a new home. You carefully pack your belongings into a moving truck and drive to your house. You arrive and open the back of the truck, only to find all of your carefully packed belongings in a jumbled, broken mess.

Picture frames are in pieces, the polished wood table has a dent on one corner and a scratch down the middle, and Grandma’s antique dresser drawers are a splintery mess. Your furniture and possessions deserve to be treated gently during a move. To pack all this properly, you need moving blankets.

Next time, use moving blankets when you pack to ensure your belongings are treated gently, no matter how rough the move.

You have to plan how to effectively pack a moving truck to ensure everything gets in tightly and safely. Picture frames, posters and framed art should be leaned against a side wall, with moving blankets between each piece to avoid broken glass.

You will find a variety of moving blankets; they range from a thin cotton or felt blanket of various weights to a thicker padded or quilted variety that provides extra protection for antiques or fragile items. The thinner blankets are useful when you’re packing or storing items in a tight space.

When researching moving blankets, it’s also beneficial to remember that there are quilted furniture covers that can be used for specific sizes of furniture. Because these covers can fit snugly over a piece of furniture, there’s less risk of the blanket shifting or falling off the piece of furniture during the move.

You also have the option to either buy or rent your moving blankets. They’re handy after the moving is done; the blankets can be used for soundproofing a room or to cover items in storage.

But, if you only need them for the move, most moving companies offer moving blanket rentals as part of their services.

When planning a move, remember that a moving company is not always liable if some of your possessions get damaged during delivery. Using moving blankets to pack can decrease the risk and make you feel better about your belongings being protected.

Why risk it? The blankets are inexpensive to buy or rent, and the protection and peace of mind they’ll give you is well worth it.

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