Replacing An Old Electrical Switch With A New One

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A right set of electrical tools coupled with some basic know-how can do the job for you. The simple and straightforward electrical jobs such as replacement of an electrical wall switch can be carried out without the involvement of an expert.

Determine the reason for your replacement of the concerned switch and henceforth, select a switch type that is more efficient than the old switch. Furthermore, the working of the new switch must complement the architecture of your electrical setup. Decide whether you want a standard flip switch or a fancy switch. The fancy wall switches are cheaper than the regular ones. Visit a local electrical store and check the available variety of the switch type you want to purchase.

Furthermore, decide the tools that would be required during the electrical task on hand. Examine the electrical tool box to find all the necessary tools. In case of a shortage, purchase the concerned tool from the same electrical store.

Locate the main electrical breaker box or the electric fuse and turn off the power supply of all spaces of the home. Alternatively, you can cut electricity to the affected electrical segment by turning off the respective breaker switch. To ensure a safe course of action, the electricity must be cut off before initializing the proceedings.

Take out a screwdriver from the tool kit and remove the screws of the cover plate of the concerned electrical outlet. Use the screwdriver that fits the finish of the screws of the cover plate.

Once the wiring of the outlet is exposed, note down the layout of the internal wiring connections. It is very important for a novice to note down the existing wiring pattern of the circuit as he may get confused while wiring the new switch.

Undo the screws holding the existing switch and remove the wires from the terminals of the switch. Install the new switch in place and slip the corresponding wires under the screws of the new switch terminals. Tighten the screws accordingly.

Make sure that the wiring pattern is followed while making the connections. Replace the wall plate on the socket and check the normal operation of the new switch by switching on the power supply.

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