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Advantages Of Solar Cell Systems

November 4, 2011 Inspector 0

The solar panel is also known as photovoltaic panel. It contains lots of interconnected solar cells. This panel can be used to generate and supply electric power to residential and commercial applications. As a single photovoltaic panel can produce a limited power, we use photo voltaic panel, which is an array of many photovoltaic panels. The installation usually includes the array of solar panels, batteries, connecting wires and an inverter. The electricity is generated using sun light. The power generation is using photovoltaic effect. Now, this panel holds a large number of commercial and residential applications.

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Diy Power From The Sun

September 21, 2011 Inspector 0

Originally posted 2010-09-18 08:03:19. Republished by Blog Post Promoter There are many ways to generate DIY power for the home. One of the more common […]