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Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Garden

December 18, 2011 Inspector 0

Anyone with a lovely garden, patio or deck will surely enjoy sitting outside on a bright summer’s day or evening. But if there is one thing that can spoil it for you, it is mosquitoes. Sometimes, it only takes one of two persistent mosquitoes to make your blood boil. Mosquitoes are a nuisance for sure, but they can also be a health hazard, speading dengue fever and malaria and several other really nasty diseases. So how do you go about keeping mosquitoes out of your garden?

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Ideas For Your House Improvements

November 25, 2011 Inspector 0

Have been thinking of redecorating your house for a long time now? Are you afraid that if might cost you a large amount of money that you do not have? If you answered yes to both questions well you are not alone. Many homeowners have the same dilemma as yours. They too are trying to find answers for their problem.