The Latest Word on Green Roofing Products from Recycled Tires

Take a look around you today and it’s plainly obvious that more people than ever are keeping an eye on their carbon footprint, and looking for new ways to keep it smaller. Even so, as folks in general gain more knowledge about how energy is used in manufacturing, they’ve also in recent years began to take a closer look at the products that are used to build homes their.

Of course it takes a heck of a lot of energy to keep a home comfortable inside, so things like insulation are definitely important. However, you would be amazed to learn just how much energy goes into the actual making of the things that your home is built from, and because a roof can be torn off many times over the life of a building it only makes sense that they would be the first place to focus.

You see, every time that a roof is torn off that can’t be recycled, the whole load is carted off to take up yet more scarce landfill space. At the same time, all the energy that it took to create the roofing products in the first place also goes to waste, as each load is buried in a dump. So now the truth of the matter, is that now this no longer has to happen if the building materials are recyclable.

Now my all time personal favorite out of all the new green roofing systems and products, are the tiles, and shingles that are made from used car, and truck tires. These new eco-friendly shingles, and tiles look absolutely amazing and they’re all just one more solution to the problem that used tires have been for far too long. It’s about time too!

First the tread pattern is completely shaved off the old used tires. Then the next step is they’re cut up into chunks that are roughly the size of cedar shingles. Then step three, is they’re sent through a shaping, and forming process that leaves what was once chunks of used tires looking like a actual shingles, once they have been colored. They even end up with wood grain, and a rough “wood-like” surface.

What many homeowners find so surprising is that rubber shingles actually have a Class A fire rating which makes them far safer than wood. Still yet, these amazing shingles last years, and even decades longer than a standard wood shingle that “atmosphere cleaning” trees have to be cut down for. Also because they last longer, they tend to not leak, or require the level of maintenance of a wood shingle roof.

Now slate tile roofs have always been incredibly costly and in fact they’re seen as by far one of the most expensive roofs you can buy, with perhaps the exception of copper. Ironically though, one of the best “knock-offs” that are done with recycled rubber roofing is faux slate tiles that mimic the real thing right down to the last detail, and rubber slate tiles can be had for a fraction of the cost.

Another thing worth noting, is that rubber is a heck of a lot lighter than stone or concrete, so virtually all of the tiles and that also included classic colored faux concrete tiles that are made from it are also lighter. So what that fact alone boils down to, is that homes that were designed and engineered for lighter products like composition shingles can now “sport the look” of these heavier tiles.

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